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iST Power provides a range of services to ensure your product meets industry requirements and full compliance.


We offer a cold commission test service, which complies with IEC60076. This enables us to conduct the tests using our latest state-of-the-art Test equipment and perform a post delivery inspection.  The commission testing enables us to validate our product as part of handover on site before energisation.



Using the latest simulation software including COMSOL, 3D packages, and structural analysis, iST Power has the full design capabilities to meet customer's requirements.


Lightning Impulse Testing

iST Power has the impulse test facilities to test up to 600kV using the latest Haefely test system.

An impulse test validates the capability of the transformer to withstand fast rise time transients in service, typically associated with lightning strikes.


Sweep Frequency Response Analysis

S.F.R.A. testing is a powerful method of verifying the integrity of the mechanical internal structure of the transformer and it's unique signature. Comparing measurements on each phase provides an indication of any mechanical or electrical changes.

MVIMG_20210426_132708 (1).jpg

AC and DC Partial Discharge Testing

iST Power has invested heavily into partial discharge testing and can offer both AC and DC partial dIscharge testing up to 200kV.

Partial discharge is the best test for demonstrating the overall quality of a transformer.

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