Earthing & earthing auxiliary transformers

IST Power supplies the majority of UK Direct Network Operators and National Grid with earthing auxiliary transformers either directly or through our grid transformer customers.  We are a current framework supplier to major UK utility companies and export earthing auxiliary transformers throughout the world to specific customer specifications.

With three factories in the UK, we offer significant capacity and skills to support any earthing or earthing auxiliary transformer requirement.

  • All primary voltages up to 66kV
  • Insulating types; mineral oil, Midel or environmental alternatives.
  • Compliant to international standards i.e. IEC60076 and domestic standards i.e. BEBST2
  • Support full compliance testing; routine to short circuit testing
  • Customisation supported for site specific needs
  • Design CFD, thermal, electrostatic and structural analysis
  • Range of type tested designs (inc. circuit testing) at 11kV, 13kV, 33kV and 66kV
  • Fully engineered solution with detailed engineering drawings