Test and Compliance


Testing is an essential part of ensuring customer’s expectation of quality and compliance.

IST Power is able to perform all tests in accordance with all national standards, typically BS, IEC, ANSI and CSA. We can support Frequency Response Analysis, Tan Delta and other special tests.

IST Power’s continual development of our test capabilities and our recent investment in power source equipment, enables us to test up to 500Hz sinusoidal, square wave and specially constructed wave forms including customer specified harmonics.

Test certification and test reports will be supplied to demonstrate compliance of our products to the applicable standards.

We welcome independent assessment of our products through respected inspection authorities such as Lloyds, DNV and ABS.  Our customer’s are welcome to witness any stage of the test cycle of their products and we will support all necessary test requirements to ensure we fully satisfy our customer’s expectations.


High frequency testing

Short circuit testing of current limiting reactors


Impulse testing of 66kV Earthing Tx, picture courtesy of Brush HV test lab